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May 25, 2001
Which port on the th400 is the pressure or outlet. i am putting my B&M trans cooler on that has the fan and the temp sending unit needs the pressured fluid. thanks Bob
one more ?

i have the smaller B&M cooler part# 70298 with the spal fan. this is the only cooler i am using and i was just wondering if it will be enough to keep the trans cool on say a long trip......thanks Bob
Bob,you really need to put a gauge on it to be sure.

Thanks Norbs. yes i am going to get a gauge to be safe but i seem to have a problem right now. i hope it is the shift linkage but when the car is in park it will not free rev...seems to have a load on the engine....anybody ever had this happen? it is a manual reverse with a trans brake........thanks Bob
The lower fitting is pressure out to cooler. The upper is the return from cooler.

The trans dragging in park is not normal. Have that checked out before you take the car out.
thanks guys

i have a valve body problem:frown: Neal racing is going to send me another out Monday..i need to swap cooler lines too...i have them backwards........Bob