Thanks Randy!!!!!


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Oct 10, 2001
I just wanted to take a second to thank my best friend Randy. We always are there for each other when needed, but now he's gone over the top. He got me an alchy inj kit for my birthday/christmas. I just wanted to publicly let him know that while I can't always repay his favors monitarily, I love him like a brother and would do anything for him.


I KNOW!!!! I hope I wasn't being too mushy though;) . Now with the alchy kit, line lock, and slicks I've acquired over the last 6 months or so look out Turbo Thunder !!!!!!:eek:

Your welcome:D :D I thought you would get a kick out of that and the fact you needed a new toy like a little boy riding his bike for the first time your nuts are going to drop after you install that kit and you will be a MAN OK whatever (LOL) I crack my self up im too much...(LOL)
P.S.Things happen for a reason and thats why I meet you many years ago because we needed to be friends Your a great person and you always think of others first im just returning the favor..:)
and im sure we will be old and still friends with turbo charged rascals haullin ass down the sidewalk...:D

P.S.S. I know your my friend because you did not let me buy a FORD (LOL) there it is again man I kill Me...