This is why I have to sell my 85 GN. :)


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Jul 5, 2004
So, here is why I need to sell my GN. As much as I would love to have the 87 GN race car, 87 White T to drive on nice days, and daily my 85, I have to move the 85. :(

This car is amazing, and probably the nicest car I have ever owned, even more so than the 2005 CTS-V. It drives so nice. Neal, you did an amazing job. This car will probably be the death of me... My OCD is in overdrive with it. I haven't driven it much (ok, at all. I drove it home, that is it so far) but I had to back it out to do some work in the garage and I wipe it down when I put it back in each time. I swapped the radiator out, because I really like my ALRADCO, and I spent 20 minutes scrubbing the rubber isolators between the rad and the bottom of the core support to make them look new (of which no one will ever see...), and another 15 minutes cleaning oxidation off the hose clamps. And I dust the engine compartment every time I open it.

This thing is so amazing. Not sure it should be a daily, but will be for a while at least.

Anyhow, enjoy. Now someone buy the damn 85. :)

Damn James. You have no idea how jealous and happy for you I am at the same time. I absolutely at some point want to get a white T. You have a beauty! Congrats!

Thats a beautiful car, I can't believe Neal sold it...but at least it's in great hands! Congrats on the "new" car.:D
Sir squid you are making a huge mistake! why would you want to sell a GRAND NATIONAL to keep a plain white regal? Go ahead and pm me a price for that white regal ill take it off your hands :)

I'm glad you're enjoying the car. I put a lot of work into it and I'm grateful you appreciate what I have done. I know you'll take good care of it and if you don't I know where you live! ;) I'm working on something to replace it as we speak. I'll post up some pics if the deal goes thru.

Thanks for all the kind words guys. I love this car, it is so clean. I can't wait to get out and enjoy it!
Well, I think I might be able to drive the car once these arrive. I have not driven it anywhere since I brought it home... too scared to get door dings. Hopefully this will help. I know it seems crazy, but maybe these door ding protectors will keep me out of jail, because I think the first time someone hit the car I would lose my mind and probably do something not so nice to their car.... or them. :)