Threaded Oil Galley Plugs


Nov 11, 2010
Who sells the threaded oil galley plugs? Engine is apart for camshaft and wanna take care of this issue while its handy. Any guess on what size they are, I believe 5/8.
TA performance sell them under part number TA1519. One of them has been thinned down so it doesn't block the intersecting oil gallery on the passenger side. I believe they are 3/8" NPT thread. I assume the engine is out and stripped down so the galleries can be cleaned thoroughly after tapping...
I got mine at Lowe's, of all places. They do need to be thinned down so as not to restrict the oil galley behind them. I took a Dremel tool to them, and presto, thinned to order. I then cut a groove in the front of them with the rotary tool and used a regular flat head screw driver to install. Stake them down, too, just to make sure they do not back out later. Thanks, Rudy.
Teflon Plumbers Paste works great for sealing the pipe threads.
Many of the plugs made for oil passages come with sealant applied but, it's usually dry & crumbly, I buff it off & use new sealant.