Ticking now no start


Finally got my car running good then i start hearing a ticking sound coming from front of engine like near water pump. i saw tiny bit of smoke started coming from drivers valve breather car started runnging like crap. shut it down. Now no start and a gassy mist/smoke coming from drivers breather. any i deas scanmaster shows no mal codes but im guessing cam sensor i dont know :confused: any ideas
Not sure i will check but dont know the problem happened while car was just idling and its a new double roller chain thats got less than 1000 miles on it
I'd bet on the crank sensor. Ticking could have been from the interrupter wheel hitting it. Once you shear the sensor, it won't start.

Take a look at the sensor, possibly out of alignment.
Unplug either sensor, CAM or CRANK, and the car won't start. You can unplug the CAM sensor after the car starts though, which will force the ECM into batch fire mode.
I would guess cam or crank and I would lean towards cam. The cam sensor is pretty easy to inspect. Just take the top off and check for play and look for wear. Also go through the set procedure to ensure it's set correctly.
Hard to say. I would worry about why it won't start and if the mist is a problem you'll probably figure is out then. Do you have spark? If so have you run a compression check? Could even be something like a maf but the ticking would suggest otherwise.