Timing cover ID


Can someone ID this timing cover It is a gm 14 bolt cover that will fit a v6 motor but I can not find the right water pump for this cover I need to know what year and make this came off the gm # is 25512585 .


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Bolts to the block the same but the water inlet is on the wrong side, and there's no location for the by-pass hose on the back.
Look where the fuel pump block off would be,I don't think it would bolt to a RWD block.
I looked by the fuel pump block off and I see where it has a wave but it will still work as the gasket has a wave also what side is the inlet ?
The water pump is also a different bolt pattern. You can't use the FWD water pump because it is shorter and the hub for the pulley is way different than what is used on the RWD cars.