Tire Poll

What type of tire should be allowed in a true daily driver , 93 octane heads up race

  • Any DOT approved tire allowed

    Votes: 25 69.4%
  • Only factory type daily driving street tires allowed

    Votes: 8 22.2%
  • Slicks & Any DOT approved tire allowed

    Votes: 3 8.3%

  • Total voters


May 28, 2001
If there is a 93 octane daily driver class made what type of tire should be allowed.

your votes will not go un-recognized , thats for your help :)
I say no slicks allowed, DOT approved drag radials (Nittos, BFGs, and the new M/Ts)....... I'm not racing in this class, but that's my opinion:cool:
Is the problem some dont have slicks, and feel that not owning a set puts them at the back of the class? Or is it based on the premise car is to be run as driven daily?

My point to the class was to see not ET's but MPH..which indicate horsepower. Put everyone on radials, your going to get a bunch of 13.0's at 125.. especially if the track has "one of those days" where they lapse a little on the prep. Especially with a V6 turbo car.. it will turn into a Supra event :eek:

Either way, its going to be fun. Talk bout some pedal'ing..

BMP had a slick tire teusday nite last year, only cars with slicks or DR's were allowed, becuase radial tires messed the track up. This may be something else to consider. And if there is something all of us want.. is a nice sticky track to play on. Me I only live 45 minutes from the track..so all is good with me.

I would love to see a car on all season radial's bust into the 10's.. that would be wild. If my car trapped 130.. I would play on radials just for the fun.
Could you guys who vote or give your opinion please also include "why" you voted for one or the other , explaining your reason for this would really help.

I voted for drag radials because I feel on regular tires the cars will spin all over the place and drag radials can be daily driven (they are DOT approved), but at the same time I don't feel slicks should be allowed because you're calling this a daily driver class (slicks are not DOT approved so allowing them would kind of kill the idea of the class IMO)..... Drag radials are the middle ground for this class (still a radial tire that is DOT approved, but they hook a lot better than any regular tires):cool:
maybe the poll should be,

Anytires(slicks, DOT's, DR's, radials)
Any DOT tire(MT Et streets, QT pro's, M&H's, McReary)
Drag and street radials
Street radials

This would break it down better. I will say DR's on a non prepped track are no fun. Dont ask.

I'm in..i'll do any of the above. This will be fun.
I use Nitto 555R DR's on my daily driver.

I don't own slicks and I only know of a few guys who do.

I couldn't vote becuase I am for DR's but not slicks.
I vote for anything you want to bring. If you make it only street tires or slicks or DR's you will just shy away more and more people.

Try "Anything Goes" for the tire selection and you will have more of a class.

Work from that, then if you want to enforce some rules, do so next year.

Just my .02

I voted for street tires only, honestly because i never had good luck with them. I also feel it will be more even if we have to use similiar tires. Jesse are you going to restrict Turbo size?

i voted for slicks and any kind of tire you want .
this is a race track why would i want to spin the hell out of a set of radials.
i thought the idea was to get as many people as we can.
yes this is a street class but remember we are going to be
at a very well prepared RACE TRACK!!!!!
why not be the best you can be.
most of us want more booooost rite, we are not going to be running just 15 lbs of boost in this street class.
everyone is going to alky,nos, or some kind of additive to get more power. lets put down some et's to go along with the mile
an hour. LETS HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daily driver should run drag radial or street radial tires thats why the are called daily drivers ,,,,,,,,, NO SLICKS ,,,,,,,,,:cool:
Re: tires

Originally posted by zadmangn
Daily driver should run drag radial or street radial tires thats why the are called daily drivers ,,,,,,,,, NO SLICKS ,,,,,,,,,:cool:
not everybody have a pair of slicks
We are allowed to air them down tho.. My BFG's like 13 PSI so they wrinkle nicely :eek:


Ohh boy.. it will be the battle of the MPH ;)
Me and the hundred people i know without puters say street tires only! And for JD to hear me. STREET TIRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, just kidding JD!;)

Drag and street radials only.

Biased ply tires like the ET Streets might as well be slicks. IMHO.