To rebuild spare motor or not to rebuild


Nov 9, 2007
Looking for some opinions from the group. I have a 109 block out of a wrecked '87 that I used for my conversion. It was obviously running when the car hit the tree at about 40 MPH and the owner said that he had never had any internal work done to it. The car had about 180K on it at the time of the wreck. Dilemma: I am very satisfied with the motor in my car now (45K miles) and if it breaks I would most likely just fix it so I don't need the donor motor. Do I )a just offer it up for sale as it or b) rebuild it back to stock and keep as a spare just in case something really bad happens to my current engine or c) rebuild it and then sell it to someone looking for a "drop in and go" type deal?
I'm thinking if I rebuild it back to stock someone will say "I just needed the core to build a race motor" and I'll lose my money and time in the rebuild. But if I rebuild it better than original, it will either be too much or too little for someone wanting a beefy motor.
Thoughts and opinions?
I'm with you. Just sell it as is. I'd have it checked out first just so you don't accidentally sell someone a bad motor.
If you dont plan to race, beat on the car, make it your daily driver then you really won't need the spare motor. If you do rebuild it, do it for yourself and how you'd want it. You could put the best parts inside, but if the builder isn't trusted then it wont bring in big bucks. If it was a well known builder and a bunch of stock stuff inside you'd stand to make more cash.