Torque Converter requirements

Engine is a stroked 3.8 with lightly ported heads, hydraulic roller (210/114) and cruz T4 headers. Garrett G37-900 Turbo and a well built Buick switch pitch 400 transmission. Car is a 3400 lb 66 Special with a 3.42 rear gear. How much stall do I need to keep this combination from being lazy ? Current converter is 2200-2300 in high stall mode.
This is the Turbocharger I have.

I would contact Dusty Bradford at PTC to spec out a converter. I have one of his 17-blade converters and it is great.
the switch pitch could be sweet if someone can build a good converter for it that couples well. Could it survive a 'range' shift while wide open?
Does anyone build those converters anymore? Probably a 3200/2600 would work better. But a non switch pitch and a non lock PTC would be light years ahead
You might give Greg a call and see what he can do for you on the switch pitch. I haven't gotten a switch pitch from them but have been doing business with them for over thirty yrs and know guys who have their switch pitch stuff and it works well.