Tower shoppes

Nice turn out to night 6PACK, I think after seeing your car and the boost you can run I'm going to become an ALCHOLIC!!!!:eek: Next Friday maybe we could get some more TR's and meet again. I'm up for it. :) :)
Thanks Alex,
I'm pretty happy with the alky injection. I had my boost commander maxed out last night and couldn't get any more than 23 lbs of boost. I'm going to shorten the rod a couple of turns, dial back the boost commander and then see if I can work my way up to 25lbs on 93 octane and alky.
Brad 25lbs of boost on 93 octane with the alchy would eliminate the need for race gas even at the track... that would be pretty ridiculous running in full race trim as far as boost goes with no problems... please keep me updated on your progress even though I'm pretty much sold on the alchy kit.:cool: :cool:
Yeah hopefully it doesn't rain... it looked like it was gona poor last Friday and it didn't... just some wishfull thinking... also Brad are you running the SMC alchy kit as I have heard it is the best on the market... if I go to the track I'll still probably run the C16 117 octane race gas just to make sure I get no detonation... better save then sorry:) :)!!!
Yeah, I'm running the SMC kit. I will run it at the track with the alky, but if I decide that I am going to shoot for a high 10 pass, you had better belive that c116 will be in the tank. I have a 100 chip from RA for alky and 106 RA chip for c116.
Did anyone head out to Towers? I figured with the sh*ty weather and the tragedies that occured this Tuesday that no one would go. Come to think of it this week can't get much worse with all those innocent people losing their lives and with this rainy, windy, horrible weather... Funny how the weather sets the mood of how everyone is feeling this week... I guess it can only get better since I can't picture it being any worse!!! :( :(
It was bad weather in my area, so I didn't make it to Tower Shopes.