Trans shifting funny since re-install - crimped line?


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May 26, 2001
Hi all,

I recently re-installed my transmission after taking it out to have the torque converter checked out. The only changes made were a new front pump and the installation of Precisions 'pump tube' kit. I also had to put a different (used) TV cable on it.

The first problem I encountered was that I could not get the TV cable to adjust by itself. No matter how hard I pulled on the throttle linkage it wouldn't ratchet out. After goofing around with it for days (manually adjusting it) I have it to where it shifts okay but downshifts are funny (doesn't want to downshift). If I push the cable toward the front of the car to fix this then 2-3 and 3-4 get really sloppy on the upshift. There doesn't seem to be any happy medium. I can't get it to upshift/downshift like it did previously.

The only other change while the trans was out was that I spliced in about 12" of new line to both fittings on the transmission. I used a tubing bender but one line (the bottom one, which I understand is the feed from the cooler) kinked slightly. It looked okay, but I wonder if this isn't my problem? Is this a good theory, or if it were causing a pressure problem it would do it all the time irrespective of what I do to the TV cable?

jimmy tranny line shouldnt cause any issues like you get a wot 2/1 kickdown at 20 mph?
jimmy tranny line shouldnt cause any issues like you get a wot 2/1 kickdown at 20 mph?

Yes 1-2 is fine both up and down. From 3rd it will drop to 2nd only if I give it a lot of throttle and unless I keep it floored it will immediately shift back up to 3rd then 4th.

Maybe I just need to goof around with the cable some more.

Put a gauge on the trans and see what type of tv psi you have

On the driver side of the trans there is a 1/8 npt plug remove plug

get a gauge and 10ft of fuel line hose from Granger supply the gauge must go

to 300psi. at Idle you will

want to have 70-80 psi WOT you will want to be 210 -250 psi. if your idle psi

to high (losen the cable) it will hold the gears long and if your psi is low

(tighen cable) it will have sloppy shifts.