Transformers the movie, 2009 camaro

Man I cant wait for this.

This totally caught me off guard, I will be one of the geeks checking out this movie on the first nite. I loved the original cartoons as a kid and even the later Beastwars was cool. I hope the movie is as good as the trailer looks. Nice find, thanx.
Schedule release date is July 4th 2007, the same release date of Shrek 3.
If I had to pick which would be #1 vs #2, I'd give the nod to Transformers as #1. I too will be there amongst the herds of sheeple to push it towards #1.
With Michael Bay as director and Steven Speilberg as Executive Producer it looks very promising. Man they're gonna sell the heck out of the toys. That Camaro is swheeeet!!!
I give it 2 thumbs up.
I am 31 years old, and when i was a kid all we played with was those transformers and go bots!

Remember the tapes that would fold out to birds, as they too were transformers and you could get some audio out of them i think? On a certain transformer.

Man i really forgot alot of that stuff....

But i do have allllllll my transformers and gobots stashed in a box still!

The movie is gonna be a huge hit, combine transformers and cars, heck even the 7.4.7 looks cool!

To be a kid again:p
I saw the trailer for it and now I cant wait until it comes out! It loks like it will be incredible:eek:
I talked to a guy who worked on the movie, it was filmed in New Mexico if I remember correctly. He said the cars had a police escort to where ever they came from and to ( kills the no motor theory ). There was another new car in the movie, maybe a Ford GT or something but he thought the new Camaro was sweet.
I can't wait for this to come out. Has anyone seen the original full lenght cartoon movie they made back when the cartoon was on tv?