transmission slipping??


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ok took my car out for a quick cruise yesterday and noticed that the transmission felt different. The first thing i noticed was the downshifting. whenever i slowed down to stop i could feel the tranny downshifting alot harder than usual. every time it would downshift the whole front end would bog up and down. I took the car out to a busier faster road, turned left and got on her just a little bit, boost was at ten pounds. all of a sudden the car got really loud and i looked at the tach and the car was revving itself all pretty hi like the trans was slipping really bad. The car has 30,000 miles and as far as i know the trans is original except for a shift kit. just thought id get some feedback and see if its maybe rebuild time :)
The first symptom usually indicates a sticking TCC solenoid so that the converter is not unlocking when it should be unlocked. If the trans was slipping that bad the fluid would be toast in no time. Let us know haw the fluid looks. If ok you need to get a pressure line and gauge to verify pressures.
checked the fluid and to my surprise it looked very clean. Im gonna try n get her up on the lift tonight and take a look. maybe its not as bad as i think??
If mine, I'd get her up on jackstands/ safety supports and drop the trans pan to take a look at things.