TTA 3.5" OVAL down pipe is finished


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Mar 7, 2004
Here are the pics of the Turbo T/A 3 1/2" oval down pipe with a 48mm Pro-gate wastegate I just finished. I did have to cut a 2"x 3" section out of the K-member. But, after completion, I don't thnk I really needed to. But, when I started the project, I just couldn't find a way to slide that HUGE pipe in there. I ended up having to modify the passenger side header, too. But I knew I was going to have to remove it to weld in the wastegate port/tube. I extended the rear inlet of the header to provide more room for the down pipe and I also re-clocked the two bolt flange to give more room, too. Which also meant I had to modify the cross-over tube. All in all, it went pretty smooth with out too many explitive comments. The oval tubing came from Spin Tech, and is pricey stuff, but they are cheaper than Burns. Burns also doesn't list the "hard" elbows, either. The two piece down pipe is needed on the TTA, so I used a double slip fit up by the turbo. The lower section slides into the gap of the upper piece, and the outer upper section has two slits so it can be firmly clamped with a T-bolt band clamp.
The car also has a Precision Front mount intercooler, TE-63 turbo, ported heads, ported intake, 9" lock-up converter, 50lb MSD injectors, Lubrant chip, Dave Splett 200-4R trans, Del-alume bushings, Hotchkiss springs, dual Bosch external fuel pumps with a 1/2" stainless line into the tank, and 1/2" stainless feed line to the rail and the stock feed line as the return line.
He has yet to race the car, as he really isn't a drag racer. Although, he swears he WILL race the car soon!!! I have to go through the engine before that happens, because I was replacing the rear main seal and pan gasket, and found a bad bearing.:mad: So, it'll have to wait untill next year to see what it'll do at the track.
What do you folks think? That oval stuff is a bit challenging to get just right. It only took me about a "thousand" hours to fiddle around with that big stuff.


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More pics:


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Hi Turbofabricator, i think you did an excellent job of fitting that size downpipe into that confined area. Even the stock downpipe is a tight fit. I bet it did take alot of hours to configure.:)