TTA in Chilicothe, Ohio... needing some help.

Kyle F

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May 24, 2001
I am bringing my TTA up to Chillicothe tomorrow afternnon(March 18th) and we will be doing work on it all week long. If anyone would like to help feel free to email me at and I will tell you where we are.
I don't know anyone personally that has a TTA. What are ya going to be working on? I may like to meet you just to finally meet someone with a car like mine.

Samer boat here.

I am rebuilding mine from a wreck.

Almost done and you can see pics at my site

HEy since you are in columbus, I have seen a TTA up there, it was back in spring 2000 and two guys not much older than 20 were driving it. I didnt get a good look at it because we were in traffic going opposite ways. THough I could see enough to tell it was real. Correct emblems in the right spots, correct interior color, correct tail lights including white bird in center section.... Was it yours?
It was up in Westerville where I saw it.
What part of Columbus are you in? I would love to see yours, and my brother also has a 89 Camaro with a ZZ4 and a buch of other little touches
WEll let me know if you want to get somethign together. I go back to school next weekend.
You can email me at