I was just wondering what TTA owners opinions were as far as how they like their TTA, as opposed to a GN. Or visa versa. I am very familiar with G- bodies, but I have never driven a 3rd gen F-body. Just curious what people think.
Turbo Regals are deceptively fast. They sit higher up than a TTA so they don't really feel fast. As for the TTA being low to the ground, you really get a sense of the speed. Obviously the Regal is going to be more comfortable, but you'll have to let off when you come up to that the TTA you just stay in the throttle, turn the wheel and let that WS6 suspension do the work.:D I drive the Turbo T daily b/c it's more comfortable and have the TTA to play with on the weekends.
The Gn are more recognizable!! and they are more comfortable, but OVERALL performance goes to the TTA "HANDS DOWN".

And they make lots of parts for 3rd gen F bodies.

yes, but the tta thinks its a truck! at least it rides like one! imho
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yes, but the tta thinks its a truck! at least it rides like one! imho

Apparently you dont know what sports cars ride like!!!
riding like a truck

I drive an '85 S-10 as a winter driver, so I guess it will be nothing new to get used to. :cool:
I like them both :) . I was at Thunder Valley Buick verse Ford shootout and even though there were only 3 TTAs, they where running some impressive time slips.

I noticed quick85s response about the TTA riding like a truck, well it is a sports car which are designed for handling so you will give up some of the soft ride for that purpose. If you think the ride is bad in a TTA then you would hate my Corvette :D . But then again it will take a turn at 1 G with no problem :cool: .
The TTAs handle like a normal F-body does, Its a jarring ride with sqeaks and rattles but its fun :)

I LOVE the way the buicks drive, just riding in the passenger seat you can feel how much more smooth they are. I think they are a nicer driving car as well BUT the TTA has more potential than a Regal.

The TTA is a weekend car, wouldnt be fun to daily drive.

Do the TTA's have that "floating feeling" like the G's do? I've noticed in G body's that when you are under heavy acceleration and you are going on anything but a perfectly flat surface that if kinda feels like you are floating. I don't really like it, seems kinda scarry to me like I'm not actually in control.
Been in a GN at around 140 and TTA at 140 mph. GN floaties, TTA no floaties.
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Been in a GN at around 140 and TTA at 140 mph. GN floaties, TTA no floaties.

I've been in properly set up ones at those speeds, and they both are stable, just takes more HP to get the GN up there.

FBod does take work to get stable, chassis wise. Morrison coil over front end, and Adam Reese bar rear end to get em right.
Figure a grand to get the FBod suspension right, and probably the same for the GN.

The GN can be made to handle as well as a TTA. The McPherson strut in the TTA is lousy compared to the GN with the B Car spindles.

Sides it's fun to take a few pals along to have some laughs <G>
I basically agree with TTA89s comments. The TTA squeaks and rattles a lot to me, something I do not care for all that much. Plus, the GN is much smoother in every way. But the TTA's performance (assuming both are stock) is quite a bit better in my opinion.

I bought a 94 Firebird Formula (LT1 6 speed with T-tops) and found that car to be 1000% better in the ride quality/no squeaks and rattles dept than the 3rd gen Fbody.

Both have their pluses and minuses. I love those form-fitting TTA seats, and hate the junky GN ones. Overall, I'd take the GN though, especially if I drive it much at all.
If your looking for weekend car with good braking,decent handling,and a sporty look get the TTA.If you have a family and intend to drive it every day buy the GN.Expect to put some money into the GN to get similar handling and braking from it.I bought my TTA because it was sporty,was a Indy pace car,anniversary edition, and had a lower prodution number.I wanted to buy something that I felt may increase in value as the years went by and or atleast hold some of it's value as the miles went on.Not saying the GN wont but hoping the TTA will.Cars are lowsy investments I know. Just don't want lose any more than I have to. :cool: