TTA w/ 6262 install


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May 16, 2008
I installed the 6262 on my TTA this weekend. Backed out a screw and mounted the Hallman Boost controller to the boost solenoid. The heat shield will be put on after I polish. Thanks.


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Who did you buy from??

I'm thinking of doing the same. Could you PM me what you paid for it, if you don't mind my asking?? Is it BB, and what stall is in your convertor??
John A, Turbohh
I'd be interested to know your impressions of the 6262 turbo and what turbo you have previous to this one. In mid-install with one of these. (BB version)
I thought Joe's was the non BB one. Not sure though.

Looks good Joe. Let us know how it drives if the weather breaks.
Looks SWEET BROTHA!!!! Almost like underwear in the pool! Oh wait, did I say that??????!!!!!!!:D