Turbo too big? Fitment issue..

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Sep 30, 2015
After slapping everything together the other night, I saw something that I didn't notice before. The turbo is sitting right on the S hose coming out from the water pump. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue, I would think at least one other person has, and what could be done to fix it. The turbo is a PTE 6870 H-cover. TIA.

Subscribed to see other answers. My gen 2 6266 S cover does that too. Ive had no issues so far though

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Why not pull the water pump cut the straight end off and weld in a 90 or 45. Or converter the hose to AN fittings on both side and put a AN fitting on each end

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Some trim the tube down a tad. Its happend to me a few times but never had an issue since the turbo and the hose system are all mounted to a common structure. No worries of rubbing a hole in it.
Welded mine shut yrs ago

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Do you guys still have heat? I'm in Chicago and we need heat more than AC.
First off thank you to everyone for giving opinions. I was hoping to hear it shouldn't matter if I keep it the way it is, and it looks like that's the case. I'll more than likely cut the nipple off and get a 90 welded on sometime over the next few months.

Do you guys still have heat? I'm in Chicago and we need heat more than AC.
I'm in TX, we need AC more than heat :D
Assuming you have a 3-bolt, what about using a 3-bolt flange? Maybe 1/4"-3/8" thick might prove enough to get you off the hose. The hose is still going to transfer heat into the housing, I would assume. The con, another mating surface that could leak?
I have a TA54 and I have almost 1/2" of space between the hose and the housing. Maybe the end of the hose you are using is a little long/tall and you could trim it some so it sits lower on the connection? Also consider cutting the connection down some leaving enough meat to clamp onto.
Check the clocking on the the turbo housing also. The small brackets that hold the compressor housing could be loose ( I seriously doubt it but...) and when you reinstalled the turbo you may have "leaned" on it and also cut a little off of the water pump housing like everyone else said.