TurboDave has Passed Away


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May 31, 2001
Long time board member David 'TurboDave' Huinker is presently in intensive care after two brain surgeries on Thursday. The first surgery attempted to remove a mass the size of a small tangerine. Most of the mass was removed, however they couldn't get all of it due to close proximity to an artery and risk of triggering a stroke.

His recovery from that first surgery did not go well, so a second emergency surgery took place to remove a portion of his skull and a blood clot. Thankfully that relived the pressure and allowed the brain to begin functioning again.

He is presently in ICU and continues to improve every day. Today was the first day off of a ventilator and the first day since the surgery where he has been able to talk.

It's going to be a long recovery road. He, his wife Kathy, daughter Michelle 'TurboMichelle' Norton, and I would appreciate support in the form of thoughts, prayers, and well wishes.

Thank you!

Prayers for Dave and family. Lord please give them the strength to deal with this according to your wishes.
Thoughts and prayers for TurboDave
May God help him with a fast and great recovery.