TurboDave has Passed Away

As I sit here I've come to the realization that I knew Turbo Dave for more than half my life. I first met him when he lived here in CA. He was a soft spoken good kind hearted man, a good friend and mentor to me. I used to hang out with him and the other Turbo Buick owners trying to learn what I could. I was young and couldn't afford a GN or T-Type but wanted to gain as much insight as I could for the day when I'd own one. I appreciate all the time we spent together and remember the last time he and I crossed paths at the GS Nationals in 2012. I didn't figure that would be the last time I would see him. I'm grateful for the chance to make his acquaintance.

RIP Turbo Dave
I'll always remember your strong technical skills and your friendly contributions here
I've learned a lot from this board and the selfless contributions of information from many including TurboDave.
R.I.P. TurboDave and thanks for everything you did for the Buick community.

Never had the pleasure of meeting Dave or speaking with him, but I have been on this board a while.

Very few people will have such positive impact, on so many, through knowledge sharing and helping others. Dave's passion for V6 turbo regals was undeniable. A great role model who served his country and helped many others achieve TR success. Although he will be missed, his TR legacy will live on through his family, and by many paying it forward.

RIP Dave
Such a good man that I will remember for the rest of my life...RIP...prayers for the family.
I am so very sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace and prayers and strength going out to your family during this difficult time. I did not have the pleasure of knowing Dave, but going by all the comments, he sounds like a wonderful and giving person that I wished I could have got to know. As I write this, I have tears in my eyes because I am all to familiar with this horrible disease. My brother was diagnosed with Glioblastoma in September of last year, has endured two brain surgeries and to date is doing well. We are so very thankful for the time God has given us. I pray that God gives you strength and peace.

What Cancer Cannot Do

It cannot cripple Love
It cannot shatter Hope
It cannot corrode Faith
It cannot destroy Peace
It cannot kill Friendship
It cannot suppress Memories
It cannot silence Courage
It cannot invade the Soul
It cannot steal Eternal Life
It cannot conquer the Spirit.
-Author Unknown

Missy Thompson
RIP Dave. My brother -in-law named Dave passed from that same disease after suffering with it for about seven years. He spent the last years in a nursing home, un-able to speak or care for himself. Sometimes a quick death can be a blessing.
Thank you, Dave, for your contribution to all of us fellow Turbo Buick enthusiasts. We will miss you greatly.

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Rest in peace our turbo brother. Condolences to his family. I will say a prayer for peace for you.
My condolences. This is terrible news. :( I really enjoyed chatting with Dave on this board over the years, we well as on one of the Ecoboost boards. He was very knowledgeable and very kind to others, even behind the keyboard. RIP Dave.