Twin stock turbo's


Nov 28, 2010
Opinions on how they'd do? I've got a project going on and thinking about fabbing some hot pipes for twin stock turbo's.

Car has a 3500 stall but actually flashes to 4100rpm when i load the converter off the line. Wondering if that'd be enough to spool them to run 1.5 60's?
it has been done....I think the thread is in the general section under "the twinzzz are back" or something like that. I read through most all of the post and there are videos of the car. It makes really good power and spools pretty quick. I do not know the particulars on the converter but those guys were talking about doing a complete bolt on kit. I dont think they had many orders so they scrapped the project....I think.... Look in the general section, do a search on twin turbos and you should find it.:cool:
Why the stockers, $$?
I don't get why anyone would bother running a turbo that was designed in 1985 for their modern twin turbo performance car other than saying you did it. Have you seen what Borg Warner has with the EFR series? If you're looking for the most power with the quickest spool up, then welcome to 2011 (February is the mass release).
Yeah I think it was done to see how well it would work, also two stock turbos and some piping is pretty cheep. For the power it made you can get the same numbers with a solid build and a decent single turbo. I think the tread is back up in the General section I saw it earlier today.
If I am correct that was Jay and Tony Di that put that package together.
I think two stockers put out enough power to lay waste to a stock block.

I'll sell you a set I just bought / ate headers and 2 / .58mm turbonetic turbos
Quick question...How much could one stock turbo support with some port matched heads and a 216/222 .540/.541 112* cam?

I've never dyno'd a stock turbo and have no clue what one will support.
dont know on the dyno number.....but I do know some guys have had a stock turbo well into the 11's