Twin turbo big PONTIAC in Hot Rod magazine


The Engine Whisperer
Feb 14, 2002
Man this is sweet... this kid's 79 T/A puts down 848hp at the wheels and runs 9.7's with a soft pooch launch and running out of revs 300ft before the end of the track.
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I always wanted to turbocharge my 400/auto 77 T/A. Sold it though.... I never imagined it could be such a clean setup.
Paul is the guy who will be making my single turbo headers for my E85 69 Blow Through.

How he has made that much power on the stock block without any issues is probably the harder thing to believe, he has one fast ride at that weight.
I've seen the car in person and talked to the owner a few times. He's very talented. There is no hint from the outside what it's packing. While at the Tulley Buick/Pontiac show at the Bud plant in June I was checking it out. It's got the "turbo" hood on it as well as the stock snowflakes. This ahole know-it-all comes up and looks at it. He tells his wife it's a turbocharged SBC. He goes on and on about it. Finally I just said, "Its a Ponitac 455" and walked away.:rolleyes: