Twin Turbo Buick GS Project

Some updates......

Closing in the radiator area.....

Change of direction on the front inner fenders.....


Rear Anti-Roll bar and wheelie bar brackets finished up......




Removable DS loop.....

Finished the exhaust out the back with oval tubing.....


This entire build is a work of art !! I cant wait to see the finished product...Thanks for sharing.

Will, we need an update an the GS! I know you probably think no one had any interest any longer since this isn't an irrelevant thread. You are WRONG my friend and we are waiting for a finished product! Still having issues with the lighting in the gauge panel you built for me a couple years back. Do you think if I contacted Autometer after the time that has passed they would send the better socket type light assemblies to me?
The 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour goes through TN and I know there are at least 2(Royal-T-Ltd) of us that would LOVE to stop by your place and see the rides.

Come on by. I may hit a leg of Power Tour myself since it's never been this close to home. Drag Week is practically in my back yard this year as well - starting in Bowling Green, Indy, St Louis, Memphis, and back to BG. Bad thing is that I won't be anywhere near finished by then.
This may not be the update some were looking for but it was great news to us. Scaled the car to see where it sits - 2857 lbs now with the only major things left to add in weight dept being the trans/converter, seats, and glass. This thing is all steel other than the bumpers. She's a little nose heavy as expected but the corner weights look good considering no effort has been made to balance things.


We are still watching and reading everything you post on this Will. Still just an awesome build.
This is one I can't wait to see. And I've seen a lot.

Good luck my friend
rmar said:
Maybe he's hiding it for one of the big shows......?

Wish I was hiding it Ronnie. Truth is it ain't nowhere near done.

Funny you mention the big show. Assuming everything works out with some third parties, the plan is to debut the car at SEMA next year. That's motivation enough for me to get off my ass and finish it!
Build like this should be unveiled.....sounds like the perfect place. I hope your painter is as proficient as your builder.
So you're calling me an ass? Really?

That's not a serious question is it? I don't think anyone on earth would read that post and take it serious. When was the last time you called someone an ass followed with a funny emote and then complemented their work? C'mon man lol