Twin Turbo Buick GS Project


The Vanilla Gowilla
Never thought I'd do the V8 thing but...............Here's my latest project. Don't think I'd get much love over on so I'm just going to stay over here.:biggrin:

My thing for Buicks started when I was a kid with my dad's 1970 GS Stage 1. It was my first car when I got my license and I promptly did what any self respecting teenager would do when turned loose with a big block - spun a rod bearing and trashed the entire bottom end. Without going into the whole story, lets just sum it up as being 16 and tons of interests in addition to cars. The GS kind of got pushed to the back burner and I later got heavy into the turbo V6s when they hit the scene and that's been my thing ever since.

I've gotten a little bored with the V6 thing and I've always had this idea in the back of my head. Since I've about done it all with the turbo V6s, why not build a modern tech twin turbo 455 GS? Although the purists may try to hang me and it will never be allowed to run at BG, the plan is to build it to 25.5 specs and drop in an LSX based Warhawk built to the magic nostalgic 455 CID. Twin 76s should provide plenty of extra motivation. We plan to be able to keep it streetable with low boost and pump gas and still be able to turn up the wick with race fuel and kick some butt. Should be a fun project.




Your dad let you drive his stage 1?? WOW!!! I say go for it. Why not turbo a new TA big block, then you can run it at BG. I own a 70 GS 455 and a 86 T-type. The v-6 is alot faster, but I drive the GS every chance I get! Good luck with the project. Phil.
very nice car . Reminds me of my first car which was a `72 buick skylark 2 door 350 2bbl. I had same wheels as your car. What are your plans with the chassis besides the roll cage. mini tub?? back half?
The TA motor was ruled out mainly due to parts availability and support. I'm sure it will be a nice piece and may be a viable option down the road but not right now. I spoke to Mike a couple of weeks ago and he said they don't even have cam blanks for it yet. Those are going to be mainly BIG cube normally aspirated engines for the most part.

This car is about 3 weeks from heading to the chassis shop for full mini-tubs, custom rear housing, coilovers, 25.5 spec cage, mid and front plates, etc. We plan on stuffing either 315/60s or 325/50 DRs under the car and keeping the stock 4 link arrangement but with some trick modifications. This car will be unique on many levels to say the least.
Very cool project, what do you think the race weight will be?

Too early to tell but hopefully in the 3200-3300# range. We are looking at using some carbon fiber pieces where we can to save weight. This will be a street/strip car so we plan to make a lot of the "street" equipment removable to get the weight down for race mode. I don't intend for this to be one of those cars where you look through the grille and see the tail lights.

May just need to hang twin 88s on it to make up for the weight of street equipment and be done with it................
Any opinions on the Warhawk block vs the RHS Race LS Block?

I'm learning this LSX stuff as I go. Lots of choices - especially compared to the Buick stuff where there are little if any!
I'm extremely jealous Will. I wanted one of those in high school but never had the op to get one. Cool project and I want to see where it goes.
If I ever sell my Grand National, I hope it's because I'm building my dream GSX Stage 1 convertible replica with a Jonathan Goodwin mod duramax diesel!!!
I don't know Will, I was thinking along the way of the T/A aluminum v-8 since they have a big block fuel injection intake but things were going slow on their project so I bought the V-6 aluminum would have been interesting.

Yeah - the TA big block was my first idea but I'm afraid to commit to that due to parts availability/delays. I'm thinking now about doing an LS based 455 and maybe if the TA stuff works out down the road I could build one of those and sell the LS. At first I was torn about not using a "Buick" engine but regardless of what some might say, the LS/Warhawk is an aftermarket engine just like the TA will be an aftermarket engine so what's the difference?
The GMPP LSX block with 6 bolts is a great start. Add a set of AllPro 6 bolt heads.

Twin 76 should get you easy into the mid teen on power. Twin 88 could get you over 2K.
I have read some not go great things about the Warhawk...

Subscribed for sure!

Yeah - there are some stories out there about the Warhawk but I think it mainly has to do with block prep - sleeves in particular............

The GMPP LSX block with 6 bolts is a great start. Add a set of AllPro 6 bolt heads.

Twin 76 should get you easy into the mid teen on power. Twin 88 could get you over 2K.

That's kind of where my thinking is right now. West Coast Cylinder Heads has some killer flowing AllPros. We're also considering Trick Flow 245cc heads as a cheaper alternative. Block is the main choice on the table as of right now. As you said, over 1k on pump gas and 1500-1600 with good fuel and a little boost should be doable with 76s - 88s would definitely hit 2k hp.

Will you will get plenty of love on the v8buick site..

Here's my economy version of a twin turbo 355 buick which has finally been completed..

The twin turbo project has begun, I had to salvage this car.. -

Nice build. Be careful with those A/F ratios! I'll probably post up something over there once we actually get things underway.