Twin Turbo Buick GS Project

Wheels finally showed up.:D

MT 315/60s on Weld Vitesse 15 x 12s custom built with double beadlocks and 15 x 3.5s with MT 26 x 4 x 15s

Now we can get things rolling on the chassis.............



Same wheels I went with on my Limited. I like them a lot, tons of compliments too!
Update pics

Here are some progress pics with the rear tires under the car and on the cage construction. Main hoop and rear bar are mocked up. Cage will be 25.5 specs with funny car setup on drivers side. The rear pro-stock style bars are a little different in that they are designed to follow the roof line. We're trying to keep the rear seat usable since this is a "street" car after all. Rear tires are just sitting under the car at this point but it gives an idea of what the stance will be.

The engine block machining is done and we're about a week away from getting the heads. Hope to have everything start coming together on the engine toward the end of this month with the key word being "HOPE".

Stay tuned...............................:biggrin:




Keep everything you can in it Backseat, dash ect.... It is what seperates us from the apes.........:biggrin:
Never seen a cage like that before. I like the way you're doing it and am looking foward to see what the rest of it looks like when you're done.
I would advise you use sliver duct tape instead of the blue masking tape. It stands up to rain better. Just trying to help. ;)

Looking cool!
The cage will be unique Will...Can't wait until Alec and John get further along, gonna be a Awesome build...:cool:

Here's some updated pics of the cage progress. We decided to go ahead and build it to 25.3 specs since it's easier to do now than later. The car will more than likely never go fast enough to need it but that certifies down to 6.50. I can't say enough about the quality of work from ARK Hot Rods. Thanks again John for being my photographer on call.

I promised my wife from the beginning that I wasn't building a race car and that it would have a back seat - the funny car cage makes it easier to get in the back seat area plus it's a mobile jungle gym for the kidos - at least that's my argument!

Who am I kidding........she's gonna be pissed!








Here's a few of shots of the engine mocked up in the car.

That LSX block looks tiny in there but there's a WHOLE LOTTA plumbing that will be on top of it when it's all said and done so it's nice to have all the extra room.