twisted driver seat


08 trailblazer ss
Feb 28, 2005
What do you guys do when the seat gets twisted /bent any up grades for street gn ???? please post pics of seats my girlfriend wont ride in the gn the seats are so bad i do have a set of recro seats but wont fit stock seat tracks the person i purchase from said lot of turbo buick guys use this type of seat :confused: thank you


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Are you referring to the seat back is twisted in relation to the seat bottom..and it's not a cracked seat track?

yes the back gets twisted so it like your in ganster lean all the time very uncomfortable this happens in all the turbobuicks i had the more you hit the gas the worst the seat is or but i am a fat dude so maybe it me............. i hope the seats are not out of a ford wtf any better seats for our cars :mad:
The Recaro's are a really comfortable seat.

You just need to get the seat rails that fit the G-body.

I am putting these in my TTA until I can get a set of 1983 Recaro's reupholstered in the TTA leather.

Since they came from a Trans Am they are a direct fit.

The retainer plate in the rear is probably broken. I had the same issue just followed this link it it was an easy fix all you need is a grinder and a welder. I used washers welded to the end of the pins when I put them back in to make it easier. - Fix Your Seats!
So I guess the search function is working?... Or people have that much time to dig thru 11 years of posts... Mike
hello people; My drivers seat has that twisted? bent? rear half of the seat also. It's been like that for too long. What I've done was just get a pc. of foam or cushion to fill the area till comfy. It's one on my never ending list of things that need to be fixed list...…I'd like to hear what you come up with..
My seat was bent and twisted for a long time not to mention the foam being worn out from 210 k of driving. When I reupholstered it last year I found the frame was cracked and I welded it. I got new foam 1614-Foam Seat Bun. Gbody parts lists them as well but they were out of stock when I needed it.