UMI tubular control arms?


Does anybody have a picture of these installed? I want to see how the sway bar mounts to these. IS there a flattened area for it to mount? Or does the sway bar actually only contact the LCA at the top of the radius? I would thing it would be best if the bar mounted flat. Thanks.

thinkin back on it i wish i got the boxed lowers but its not all that bad. the only problem i had was that i forgot to load the suspension before i tightened the bolts. that caused a very annoying pop noise in the rear of the car. retightened bolts and no problems since. sorry i dont have a picture of it!
go to click on gbody then rear lower control arm they have a clear picture of how they are already installed i have tubular also.
I took an angle grinder and "ground out" a small area in my ATR bar for the UMI's to fit a little better. So far, no problems. We'll see how it acts with a t-brake.