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May 26, 2001
:rolleyes: Ok guys, my F/M I/C price is $550 w/ ATR blow off, 40lbs red stripes w/ 8 pos Max Effort & KB chip $350. This combo got me into the 11.70's. Injectors have been recently cleaned and flow tested. Less than 100 mi.
I'm interested in the front mount. What brand is it and the condition of it. I also heard you had a good run this past weekend :)
:( That night sucked. All kinds of problems plus at the end of the night it started to drizzle. I didn't get in a full pass with out lifting. I/C is a Car Tech, ATR and Connely sold them similar to the KB I/C. Core is thinner but surface area bigger. covers most of the grill area. Cond ok just some paint needed. No dents, bolts right up.
Do you have to cut the inside of the grill? 11'9's is not bad! What was your MPH's.
No cutting needed. I just took out the rubber piece that attaches to the grill. The mph with my set up was, if I remember was about 113-114.