Valve Cover "Spacers"


May 24, 2001
I like the look of the stock valve covers - and consequently retained them when I installed T&D Roller Rockers.

I bought a set of VC spacers from Jason and would like to hear the consensus on the "best, most effective" way to install them.

Last time, I used that Permatex stuff in the "Cheeze-Wiz" Bottle (Right Stuff) and glued them directly to each cylinder head, installed the aluminum spacer, and then the VC Gasket - which seemed to work fairly well (leak free & easy removal of VC should I need to).

Also, the VC Gaskets I have now seem very nice. I know I purchased them locally - and am curious if they are re-usable. I am pretty certain they are Fel-Pro. They are rigid with metal re-inforcement in them, along with some "blue" colored material around the perimiter. Is it ok to re-use these gaskets? They do not appear to be visibly torn or distorted in any way.

Many Thanks !!!
Yes those are reusable gaskets...I'm sure there are as many different ways to seal up the spacers as there are people running them, if your method worked stick to it.
i always reuse valve cover gaskets until they get torn up.. even the cheapest of the cheap cork gaskets can be reused over and over again as long as they look ok- especially with aluminum valve covers.