VSS Info


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Anyone out there know EXACTLY what the VSS signal output (from the speedo) looks like?

Sine wave? Square?

How does it vary, say, from 3-150 MPH? DC voltage level? Frequency? Both?

Anyone with the right answer gets to be my new best friend.

I *think* it's a square wave. I have Dakota Digital's sender and translator, but since I set it up a year ago, I don't remember (it's h:eek:ll gettin' old :rolleyes: ). I do know for a fact that the output is 2000 pulses per mile. The pulses start at "0" for 0 MPH and increase directly with speed. At a steady 60 MPH, your getting 2000 pulses (1 mile per minute = 2000 pulses per minute).

Can I be your second best friend? :D