Wastegate won't fit on GT6131E

I bought an interanl high pressure wastegate from Poston and put it on my TA49, then sold it. I bought a GT6131E and becasue this is a TE style the wastegate mounting holes don't align. It also seem's like it would hit the compressor outlet that goes to the intercooler. Is there anyway I can modify it to fit? Thanks Scott
Some guys weld a braket from the TE style turbos on there,or you could just line it up where you want it mark it and drill it. As long as you have meat in the right spots. If you want get a new one from full throttle or postons. Or just sell me the turbo and get something else :D
So what do you think about the gt compared to your old turbo, any noticable difference? I am thinking of getting this same one as you. Thanks...