weber racing 218-212


fixing something
Sep 29, 2002
Anyone running this cam, and what do you have it degreed in at? Any help greatly appreciated. Phil.
I ran a Comp Cams 218/212 roller. Installed straight up. Idle quality was great and lots of power above 3000 rpms. There are alot of people that are afraid of a cam this size but I think it is a good choice. I had a stroker built and am going with a billet 224/224(custom grind from RPE) and this will be a street car. I would check with your builder and let them know what ratio rockers you plan on using and get their advice on where to degree the cam.HTH

Thanks for the reply, I'm the engine builder. I was just wondering if anyone was running a slightly different degree in for more torque better idle. The car gets driven on the street 3-4 times a year. I'm putting on some Gessler ported GN1's with the cam, PT70, etc. Looking to get in the low ten's. Phil.
I usually degree them dependent on the torque converter used and the usable rpm of the motor. Straight up with a non-lock converter, and advanced with a lock-up.