Weight Reduction List

i did the rad support lightening like i had done on murphs and lost about 12lbs
weight now is 3175 with me in the car
if i loose the pass seat like he has done ill be 3139 ,
car only weight would be 2969 ...
i tried to do similar weight reductions on both cars and Im still 169lb heavier than murphs!!!
some items i have should weigh less than his ,some heavier
i can account for 60 or so due to his FGlass doors that still leaves a 109lb
i have a large fan cooled trans cooler 7.8lb ..his is an art carr B+M thingy so lets say thats 102 diff now
i have power brakes 7.8lbs. hes manual so now were at 93lb difference
my moser 9" with 35s might be 20 heavier than his 8.5 .. so were at 70lb now to explain
the padding on the carpet i know is 4lb and mines there , ....66lb dif
my spare cover was 3.0lb ...64.6 lb difference
i have a csr trans shield 10lb lighter than his ultrabell/trans blanket so +10 ..74.6
i have front coilovers ..probably 8 lighter than murphs std frt coils so +8 82.6
his is cage is CMolly for sure , mine might be mild , if so that would put me 30lb heavier 52.6lb
my champ race intakeis 5lbs heavier than the ported stocker that he runs .. now at 47.6lb
i have a GN - rear spoiler (7lb) he has none 40.6lbs
so question is where there 40.6 lbs hiding in my car ..

only thing left that differs is i have ttops .
Here is a pic of the fiberglass doors I just recently acquired . They weigh 22lbs with the lexan window . image.jpeg
Not as much as you would think when they're empty. I saved 66 lbs going from stock doors with the crash bars removed to carbon fiber doors. The carbon fiber doors could be picked up with a finger when empty. As mentioned earlier the crash bars weigh 28-30 lbs depending on how much you can get off the ends.
the door crash bars are 12.5 lbs ea (leaving a little at the ends that are spot welded in) . we got to 30 with removal of the concert spkrs also removed the rubber strip that hangs at door bottom .
the door shell is around 54lbs ea with the crash bar , when we did fiberglass roll up the doors were 20lbs ea and all that changes is the shell . we had already done the bars so shell was down to 41 so only about 46lbs was lost for the pair when i did murphsters T
those doors with lexan eliminate a lot more parts , the shell , interior panels , tracks ,guides , regulators , glass , weather strip at glass and the interior panels
rough guess ..you'll loose 145lbs for those doors
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How's the mini battery working out for you guys? Do you need that jump pac handy all the time?
How's the mini battery working out for you guys? Do you need that jump pac handy all the time?
Dont know what you mean?
Many people are using these batteries to start BBC's ect. I can crank the crap out of mine just like a big battery. Like any battery, keep it trickled in the winter and dont shock it with START mode on the batt. charger if it does get low, and you will be good.
It was mentioned that in colder weather the battery would lose volts to a point it would crank but not fire because the XFI didn't like the low volts.
i hotwired the xfi feeds (B17 and B18) direct to battery with B17 on a relay controlled by the original b17 switched feed so the voltage drop is much less with a trunk mount setup
only had one no start since and that was because i had left the bat disconnect switch on for a few weeks (forgot to switch off ) and it was around 15 degrees that day , most times i forget that the little battery is in that car because it starts so well , keep it on a tender during long rests and it will be fine
Just curious since this post is about weight reduction what do you think the weight difference is from a stroker 109 with girdle and Champion iron heads to a Stroker ta engine ta aluminum heads?

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