Went 11.8 but have a small Problem


Mar 17, 2002
Well had another track day today in Tucson. Car picked up a tenth but I noticed a lot oil coming from the Vac. Block...I would wipe it away each pass but after it would look like this again..

Oil pic

Is this common I was boosting to over 20 with alky and c16 and help would be great.
Do you have breathers on "both" the VC's? Is your PCV brand new?

Nope dont have that problem. My motor is bone dry externally. I do have oil in the plenum for the PCV sucking it in. But not black oil.

Check your vacuum block gasket, and hoses.. there is no reason for oil to be there externally.

BTW, if the oil is dark, change it. Keep clean honey colored oil in the motor when hammering on it. Call it cheap insurance.

BTW.. congrats on the 11.8.. All ya need is .3 more to knock me off the throne. hehe.. I have heads and cam going on..so ya better hurry ;)

PS.. ditch the C16 ;) .. call me I tell ya how to dial her in.
its oil-

might clean out the oil your intercooler, looks like oil residue getting pushed up-

when was the last time you cleaned out the intercooler?
check the outlet of the turbo and see if its puking out any oil.

clean it all up and keep an eye on it, dont be worried, looks like no big deal-

GTA, mine did the same thing to me yesterday. Of course, I was yanking around all day doing 26psi blasts. After a few hours, my car started running rough. So I pulled over and popped teh hood to find that my hose had popped off te PCV valve....and I had oil puching it's way outta my vacuum block.

Hooked the pcv line back up (came loose despite being tightly zip-tied), and the car ran perfect again. but I figure it's time for a new PCV valve anyway. Hopefully that will help.

If not, it may be time to do one of those separator can setups...ugh!

my TTA did the same thing the last time I had it to the track and was running over 20 lbs. of boost. I have the updated pcv valve from ATR that ensures no boost is getting by pcv valve. I did notice that my stock turbo is starting to leak a little oil past the seals though.
I will run like 19-20 (depending) on 93 octane and zylene. Never had oil it push out of the vac. block. I have had it come from a lot of other palces, however. RMS, valve cover breathers, etc. How would it even get up there? Pused up throught the PVC due to high crankcase pressure then right back out around the other lines dur to boost pressure in the TB?

Originally posted by tta583
I will run like 19-20 (depending) on 93 octane Brent

I have been running 20 on the street all month with 91 and Razors kit but only when the 20 psi guage is pointing way past 20 does this happen...
Time for a pillar boost guage :)

See what happens is under normal driving the motor sucks oil vapors through the PCV. This oil vapor in turns coats the inside of your plenum, TB, intake, etc.. When you hammer on the car the intake,TB, hoses all get pressurized with the boost. i believe your hoses/gasket are not sealing 100% and thus the oil gets squeezed out.

That oil looked pretty dark, i'd say change it.. It should always look honey colored, not black. last thing you want is a lubrication issue on a 500HP motor. Look at the hoses leading from your turbo to IC internally, they should be dry, if they have oil..then your turbo has issues.

Change the vacuum block gasket, and vacuum block hoses. i bet the oil will not show itself again, but remember as long as you run a PCV, you will always have oil inide your motor. Its how it is.


Yeah my car also runs 20 PSI..the stock guage says so ;)