What are good base line parameters for SD2 on E85?

Hello all,

Lets start from the beginning. Switched over to SD2 and I'm a little overwhelmed. I guess I don't know what my target air fuel ratio is suppose to be at WOT, idle, cruise etc. etc. I have my wideband setup to show in lambda scale. It just makes it easier I think. I also realize every car is different and there is no magic number to be shooting for (or maybe there is). Also if I ask 10 different people I'll get 10 different answers. So what numbers are in the safe zone and what numbers are not? What about the spark tables? As always any help is great appreciated, Thanks guys!


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Using gasoline scale....
For E85. Idle 13.0-13.5 unless you have 160’s then go for 12.5
WOT shoot for 11.2 at 15psi to 25psi
Cruising try 13.5 to 14.5

Timing start with 18-19 degrees at WOT. 19 deg around 20psi and 18 deg at 25psi. Maybe a little less if you have high compression ratio


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Ya I just installed a Holley Dominator and was wondering the same thing. If anybody knows where I could find an ignition table as a reference I would surly appreciate it.:)