What are good compromise shocks??


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May 26, 2001
Would prefer to keep the original ride, but also want good weight transfer. Is there a shock out there that will do both??

Or should I just leave my original 37,000 mile shocks in place??

Thanks, Bob
I would get the Bilsteins...great stock replacement shock that is good for track use too...you can get them from Autozone for about $170 i think...Ramchargers also sells them and a whole bunch of other shocks
Bob, I haven't noticed any driveability difference with my Comp Eng 3-way adjustables. They are set on 90/10 and the car doesn't bounce on the highway. I do have the front sway bar off also. Now in a heavy turn (due to the swaybar being gone) it leans like a SOB but if you drive with sanity it's fine. The good part about the 90/10 is that 90% of the shock's effort is on compression so front end diving is heavily controlled but only 10% of it's effort is resisting lift. So it comes upward easily but dives stiff. Unless you are going over a rollercoaster type road, things are good.

Oh yeah, I only have them in the front. Kinda important you know that.:D
You didn't say you're only looking for fronts. I ASSume you're looking for all four?

The ride quality of OEM shocks is abyssmal. But it just creeps up on you, then one day, you ride in a TR with decent, replacement shocks and bam, you know it's time to buy.

I think the KYBs are fine at about $120 a set. Bilsteins are more, and they're blue and yellow - ick!

Drag shocks are patently unsafe and absolutely a huge mistake for a street driven car. Anyone who claims otherwise must have put his head in a bench-vise somewhere along the way.

IMHO - You can't beat the KYB's for $120

I think the Bilstiens will cost you at least $300 for 4, so your are talking over 2 times the cost. They are a stiffer shock than the KYB's, so if pure handling is a must, they are the way to go.

I just replaced the rear springs on my GN and replaced my KYB's with Bilstiens. I'm not sure I like them better and may pull them back out. The KYB's are a good compromise; much better handling than stock but not as stiff as Bilsteins.
You can get the Bilsteins for about $240 shipped.

However they don't ride like the stockers a bit more firm and much better for daily driving in MHO.

I doubt you will do wrong with KYB's either.
$240 is pretty cheap, where did you find them at that price?

I used Autozone and I think they were ~$70 each. It was a trade off between tax and shipping if I used a web-based site.
Bilsteins are 59.95 each at Autozone, no shipping.

That's 239.80 for the set, plus sales tax.

Pep Boys can also get them, if you don't have an Autozone.
I think Autozone and Pep Boys prices change by region of the country, so maybe that's why they were a little more where I am.....
I have KYB's on mine, front and rear. They're almost due for replacment though, but still ride pretty damn good. Just showing some external wear and tear. I'll go with KYB's again. My car is daily driven at the moment, and always has been with first owner.

Kirban has them for $170 for the full set.
What about wheel hop... mine are still stock as far as I know 88k, the previous owner stated he had replaced the rear springs... going down the highway the rear jumps up bad on the bumps in the road... so which would do better kyb's or the bilstein's??????
For the money you can't beat the Bilsteins and they have a life time warranty.

If it's a street car run street shocks.

Some of the other shocks are just really stiff, and while allow for a seemingly better turn in they'r slower thur anything other then glass smooth turns.

I've run KYB, Monroes, Edlebrocks, Gabriel, etc, and the Bilsteins are the best.
where is everyone getting these $200+ dollar amounts for bilstein shocks from? go to ramcharger's website and look at their shocks...40 bucks each shock which is $160 for a set of 4...
I just bought the Edelbrock shocks. I hope to have them on this weekend. On visual inspection these appera to be a quality shock. I will probably post up my impression with them in a week or two.

I picked up Bilsteins from shox.com - their current price is 219 for a set of four. Not sure what shipping is on top of that, but I don't recall paying more than about 10 bucks to get them shipped (this is sometime last year).

For all those using KYB, are you using the KYB Gas Adjust type?
This is what I'm using on my '79 TA and truck and loved the difference they made.
Just regular KYB gas shocks. (Not adjustable)

Don, you said $160 total from Ramchargers? You sure they're the right shocks to fit the TR? That sounds awfully cheap. They dont have them listed directly under the Turbo Buick section.

What part numbers for front and rear?