What are you getting your Buick for Christmas??


It's just a V6 Brick.....
Sep 20, 2001
So far mine is getting TA stock replacement SS headers, TA rear end cover, Kirban's rear seat frame brace kit, and it will probably also get some 255/60/15 M/T Drag Radials as well as a TurboTweak chip. Oh yeah, I forgot it also needs bumper fillers.:rolleyes:
Mine's getting stored for Christmas.

...OK, maybe I'll get her a new 4.1. But she has to wait until spring. ;)
New tires
Set of Bilstien shocks
Bumpsteer rod end fix
New boost gage line
Maybe a headliner and front seat covers

I already have a list of repairs and parts to install that is probably larger than the time I will get this winter to complete. :wink:
nothing as of right now. need to figure out where to go next. on the list is

Intake Mods
Fuel System
XFI update
Whatever it is Santa better be real or I'm not getting anything cause the gf asked what do you want for x-mas. I said stuff for my car. She said no that's something you get yourself. So since my birthday is on x-mas I said then how about for my birthday. Let' just say she was a little less than enthuised about that remark.:biggrin:
My GN already got a new alcohol pump from Razor. All I want to do is get all the electrical work done that needed. Pretty much the whole dash needs to come out. May even need a new harness. All kinds of small additions including a electric exhaust cutout and new gauges.

Maybe some sort of upgraded rear upper & lower control arms and a new style H&R bar. Maybe a SC&C frame brace too.

Oh yeah, and start saving money for billet transmission parts.:frown:
I'm stripping mine down to leave it naked out in the cold garage all winter-bitch.;)

Nah, got a scanmaster finally. I'm gonna finally put on all my good stuff I've had lying in the garage all year....but seriously, it is going be stripped down a lot, again:rolleyes:
If I get my spot in the Poor Boy's shop, maybe I can get my new window sweeps, roof weatherstrip and window anti-rattle kit installed. Might even go all out and get a headliner.:smile: