What are your 60 ft's on street tires?


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I Went to Englishtown tonight before the rain. And was able to get a few runs in. I'm wondering what kind of 60 ft times I can expect with my little 225's. I know they don't hook worth a crap, but I'm curious to see what's possable. So far I've only been able to get 2.3-2.2 60 ft. times. Are better possable? Or am I just wasting my time?
2.08 on BFG Radial TA's not the DR...but on the stock 215/65x15 size...Only was able to do that once...
yea that was when i was stock dp..

now i cant do that, rolls out about 15 feet and then WHAM there goes traction
2.00 on bfg radial ta's bigger than stock. not bad for my first time racing, it was also smoking the tires past the tree.:D
I was able to pull several low 1.9s with BFG 235 radial TAs. This was with the stock turbo, THDP and exhaust unbolted. I'd come out at around 1-2lbs of boost, and floor it. The stock turbo would take off!!!
I went a 1.70 an 275/50/15 BFG TAs aire doen to 22psi with VHT traction stuff on them , that must have been magic that day because recently my 60fts have blow and that was on drag radials and MT pro steets , slicks are next !
I've got a couple mid 1.9's with a best of 1.948 out of my 235/60R15 BFG Radial T/A's, that was at Budds Creek, nice and cold with lots of VHT traction stuff or whatever they used there.
I can't launch to save my life but...

With 235/60 BFG radial TA's and A peg leg:) I had a best of 2.119 leaving with 3-4 psi with no air bags.

After posi and 275/60's, I went 2.052 leaving with 4psi with air bags.

Removing the front sway bar helped me lower my 60's with slicks from 1.9's to 1.7's, so I would think that the car should 60' better now with street tires than what it used to. Too bad I won't be wasting my time trying it.
1.72 with 295/50/15 BFG Comp TA's (not the drag radials). That was NOT on my current combo, it was with PT51, stock IC, stock heads, Precision 9.5 convertor.

For what it's worth, I did 2.163 on original factory tires full inflation. That was with almost no boost. With boost, they just spin.
i cut a 2.13 my first time out on no-namer 255/60's, full inflation. i was leaving on no boost and fighting wheel hop.
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1.33 60ft MT street slicks


Those arn't radials buddy. Doesn't take a genius to cut good short times on E/T Streets

I cut a 1.7x in my old mustang with a few mods (MM grip-in-a-box kit, 8-pound s-trim, open headers) on 315/35/17 nitto 555R's. Not a true long life street radial, but it's not like a 15" DR or anything.
275-60-15 radial TA's @ 20psi, 3.08 peg leg, off idle & not all the way to the floor launch = 2.000