what box sounds best in our regals?



What kind of subwoofer box sounds best in our regals. A box that sounds loud outside the car as well as inside..... I wanna be noticed and to people to think my regal is a pimp ride lol. I have 1 10 inch right now and i dont think it does it for me but when i had 2 10 inch subs running 200 watts rms to each sub and 400 watts peak to each sub. I thought my car was more pimp.... Would say 2 12's or 1 15 inch sub be alot deeper and get more people to recognize my car and to rumble the crap out of me while im driving. I wanna have one of those regals that there is this incredible deep bass coming from it.... Give me some suggestions of brands and stuff. right now I have the pioneer 4300 cd player with remote and 4 by 10 pioneers and stock front speakers, 10 inch rockford fosgate z i blew it tho so its not even hooked up, only 1 month and a half of over powering it, speaker is rate 100 watts rms/ 200 peak i gave it 200 watts rm/ 400 peak. I have Jensen 300 watt amps but in bridge mode they give out 400 watts peak. Do you think the wattage on those amps are real since they are a cheaper brand? I mean my subs slam with these amps. Help me out thanks.....
I was laughing so hard that I forgot to post an answer :D . There are different combos out there that will work. The combo that works for me is a ported enclosure that is vented to inside vehicle with 2 a/d/s reference 10s with .60 cube per woofer and 2 13" x 3" ports.

I had mine metered at 134.1 db and that is strong considering that most of the sound is coming through ports :cool: . I had a single 15" sub in my other Corvette that was metered at 133.7 db when I competed many years ago.
I am currently running two 12" cerwin vegas and an autotek 800 watt amp. Even though my box is too small for these subs and my amp is only up half way, my whole car POUNDS. I just installed two 4X10 pioneers and soon to come will be kick panel speakers. I would highly recommend the vegas as your woofers, just pushing a little over 200 watts to each and they will hear you coming from anywhere. They do require a big box but if it's POUNDING you want, then you won't mind the weight in the trunk. The cerwin vega vegas, not the stealth or the strockers. Strockers are too much money, unless you go with one 12", and the stealths are old.
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Well Eighty2Regal...there are so many ways to do this. I started a thread on here that involved me installing 2 18's in my trunk (84 Regal) for exactly what your looking for...ALOT OF QUAD AND TO BE SEEN! Just go find the thread and read it all. It will help alot. If your too damn lazy to do that, then just read this.

I couldn't take it anymore myself. I was trying to wait and do my mids and highs and they just weren't doing the trick. So I started to run 3 12's in one of those funky three chambered pre-fab boxes where the two chambers on the side are slanted back? I installed one in the middle...why you ask? Because the magnets on my subs hit the inside of the walls of my sub box on the slanted chanmbers.

Easy fix tho, Imma just buy a piece of .25 mdf and that will raise the subs up enought to be drilled in. Now with that one 12 inch that I have (Audiophonic ADF-272 600/1200); I mean yikes! The thing just quakes! I have a 94 amp alternator (that I had to replace real quick), a '05 Autotek MX1500.1, and thats it. Of course an old ass touchscreen that I don't even flip out because I dont like the features and I need a usb and aux jack on the front, three speakers (because I took one out to see why it was rattling and tore the paper and cone off of the frame beacuse I had nothing better to do), and a Kenwood 6042eq that...is...just...amazing!!!!! The sepration that I have with this thing is just incredible!!!

I haven't even begun to tear away the black plastic and insulation from my backseat, no dampening material (well some eggsell cushions from a local dealership that wasn't using it; sat that ontop of the box), no blow through the backseat to come out into the cabin. I want to tear away the cushion right...up...to the backseat for a more stealth look but then I thought the vinyl may give over time and with the pressure of the bass and air movement. So I'll think of something else to do...and no Im not making port holes through the 4x10 rear deck. For some reason to me, the sound is just different when coming through those holes and hitting the glass and roof...just doesnt seem like it would roll off right like would a hatchback or suv.

Now I do need to get a stiffening cap or just a stronger alternator, do the big three, and wire the sub down some more. I currently have it wired to 8 ohms...smh...yea I can't understand it either. 8 ohm load and it sounds ridiculous!!! My amp is 2 ohm stable and I have it bridged right now. I like to play real bass songs...not late night creep by 3 6 mafia (no offense tripple six)...no youtube video music...but I do like to play Busta Rhymes, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Letice, Mary J. Blidge, Ludacris "Woozy", 8Bal & MJG "Whatchagonnado", Mystikal, Jill Scott, Scarface (Emeritus album...goodness), Too Short, Bun B, Pimp-C, Outkast, etc etc etc...

I play rap, Neo soul, R&B, Rock, jazz, and everything old and funk. The sub just doesnt stop. Now mind you after riding a while and just beating it to death...it will get muddy and thats because of the amp not getting the proper juice it needs to perform. Bass Thrust and gain are half way.

So maybe it will help if you get a bit more powerful amp, do the big three to your electrical system, and have a box built, or just change out the sub (preferably dual voicecoil subs) and you should be good to go! Get a good eq also...from a reputable company (Audiocontrol, Kenwood, Zed Audio, Zapco...trust me it'll be worth it!
I have an idea...can't a multi chambered box just be built within the trunk? Build about 4-5transmission lines and slap a few subs in it and maybe have the port of the box coming out of one big long maybe length of the backseat or just out of a single port coming through the backseat (for those of you who don't care about snatching a hole out of your interior) past the rear deck?
"...why you ask? Because the magnets on my subs hit the inside of the walls of my sub box on the slanted chanmbers. "

If your magnets are touching something (as my 6x9's are under my temp-fabbed coat hanger baskets) will that ruin the speaker over time?
Yes. I had a couple of pieces of wood cut to lay over the existing holes and it's now fine. I plan on getting maybe more power and maybe even a custom to spec box built for the 3 12's. I may just go 6 10's vented with an epicenter lol.

I'm really looking for a nice engineered solution to having minimal subs but big, smooth, low, quad; for whatever I play whether it be rock, rap, Neo soul, country, bluegrass, etc.
I have 4-8's in a sealed box. A kicker zx2500.1 supplying just the subs and two zx650.4's doing the rest of the work. Now I do have a stinger 14v alt that puts out 240amps and a nice 180 at idle. That and 4 600cca batteries in the spare tire well working together with the blue gel cell up front. It is ridiculously loud and plays all eras of music better than you could believe. I used to have big subs back in the day and the last few rides have all been well packaged 8's or 10's and will stomp the crap out of anything bigger all day long.
YIKES!!! I bet those four eights are screemin!!! smh! So what kind of 8's and what kind of box? I just showed a buddy my post and then we went to Arc Audio's Regal (HMZmall or something) and I KNOW if that thing hits with 3 12's those 8's have more than enough room to do their job. And the electrical support you have is just astonishing. That's what I like; a bullet proof system that won't strain one bit!
Kicker dvc L7's. After hearing the stereo they are shocked to see 8's pounding so hard. It is so clean crisp and just flat out makes your ears hurt...lol....
And that's just the kinda beat I want. So for a bit more rumble and spacial effect of quad, do you use an epicenter? Or any other Audio Control pieces?

Also, I saw an install in an older Impala where the guy installed 2 10's in a enclosure that used an "Aero port"; mainly a port that was more rounded to conform the bass waves to come out without any interruption from square edges. How is your enclosure even made? Im sure an airtight box...maybe even rhino liner sprayed? I myself would love to port it through a large vent (size of a thick older dictionary) or a port that is the lenght of the read deck; for stealth and use.

Is it alone the lines of that HZMEall (I think that's how you spell it) install GN? ('83 with three Arc audio 12's and Arc Audio Chip Foose amps).
I've got one 13" Focal KX 33 with their 900 watt mono block running it, sealed box.

Run two diamond audio 12s d6 or tdx in a lab box with at least 1000 to each.my brother monte carlo ss hit a 149.6 a couple years ago with those he hasnt blown a pair since he bought them n he runs the hell put of them.