what did i do?


Jul 17, 2005
ok guys, need some expert advice here.
i just finished up putting in a pts shift kit, followed the instructions to a T, i'm positive i did all the valve body mods correctly and nearly 100% positive i put it all back together correctly. also installed a new tcc solenoid.

so i added 3 qts of fluid, fired it up, got to operating temp and then checked the fluid level. said i needed about a quart more, so i added 1.5 quarts, (bc we're supposed to overfill them) get in the car and even in park the engine revs like its under load. then i discover that the car moves forward in EVERY gear position. (except park, but it still is trying to move.) put the car in D, and try to move forward a little, the car will move but it revs really high and will stilll just creep along. i didn't actually drive the car, but this is pushing it out of the garage and driving back in, so maybe 30 ft. what happened? :confused: fluid level still says its over full. i really don't think its mechanical, rather fluid related but i know little to nothing about transmissions. any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated. thanks in advance gentlemen.
Manual valve is disconnected from case linkage internally(Z-Link), line pressure has moved manual valve rearward into low and is applying forward gear, when you put shifter in park it engages the park pawl to lock output shaft but is hydralically in low gear causing it to feel like it's brake-torqued in park. Drop pan and reconnect linkage.

thank you for the detailed response. i wont have an opportunity to work on her until friday. i'll let you know. thanks again sir.
10-4 Brother, I hope all goes well, my fingers are crossed for you, I've heard great results about those kits, you will enjoy your efforts;)

Manuel valve can go on 1 of 2 ways. 1 way it will work the other will do as you describe. You are going to have to remove the valvebody to flip it ,but it won't hurt anything.