what do you do if you lost your keys?


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Oct 14, 2003
For the life of me I cant find my damn keys (door or ignition) what are my options? I had a spare set but cant find those either and now i dont know what to do

someone please give me some info on what I can do here

Call a lock smith and have them come out and make keys to it. They can find out what the coding is for the door locks and the ignition then have new keys made for it.
lost keys

You know you will find those keys, just about the time you hire a locksmith to fix the problem. Those guys are pricey, so look in all the places you already checked. If you are handy, you could buy a lockset from oreilly's and do it yourself. Sorry you have this problem, I sympathize, as I have been there before. Good luck!
take the vin # to the dealer and see if he can cut the keys other wise call a locksmith

my recent solution was just to just change the locks
Jimmy the door!

Get a bar at the auto store bet you will find your key's inside or if your SOL in the trunk! Been there done that!
Borrow some else's keys in your area, 9 out of 10 their trunk key will open yours.

If you have a problem losing your keys, (or locking them in your car) when you get them, buy a case with a magnet on it and then put the box with the key set and put them somewhere under your car somewhere metal that no one would look for it.

Hopefully this will help.

i have your keys in my possession. :D (wicked laugh) Contact a locksmith,or get the best quoted prices,if you can't ever find them.....and make sure you buy a loc-it column,so who ever knew you and had your keys,wont steal your car>Never doubt nothing.... :wink: espicially TURBO REGALS..
thanks for all the replies guys, I have the column gaurd and the keys to that on my other key ring I just cant figure out what i did with the other ones, I guess i will call a lock smith and see if they can help

I lose stuff way more often than I should. Usually it turns up within a few days while looking for something else. If you don't need to get into the car right away, give it a few and see if they turn up. Then call the locksmith.

On that note I have to go find my cell phone.............again. :rolleyes:
87grandnat said:
What does a locksmith run? to have keys made for door and ignition?

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****$125 bucks around here for the service call if they have to come out to you.. Less if you tow the car or otherwise get it to them.

My neighbors lost the keys to their car while out of town, and that's what it cost them to have the guy to come out, and make new keys. Ironically, they found the original keys in a pair of pants they had left at someone elses house a few days later. Get a hide a key, and put it on the car somewhere, so it doesn't happen again - it's saved my ass more than once over the years. Car has a kill switch and other stuff, so no biggie if someone finds the key - car isn't going anywhere unless it gets towed away.

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Brick through side glass worked for me the last time I was locked out of the car!!!

Glass is cheap at "Pull a Part"!
The Truth

the truth is, all you need to do is,,,,,,,,borrow your buddys keys, who has a older model gm of course, and go make a copy of his. If you never changed your lock silinoids, chances are, they are worn, and will turn with 6 out of 10 keys :eek: that goes for all of you!!!!!!!! try it and you'll believe me. :wink: if not, use the brick method, better yet, pull the window off the rail, grab a screw driver, and crack the column :eek: just kidding. take off the whole column if you have to, much cheaper. or change the silinoid while in the car, not that hard. but try the buddys keys first.
If you can pull the lock cylinder out of the steering column you can see the key code STAMPED in to the outer pot metal case. The key code should be 2 numbers,1 letter followed by a number. For example 12A3. Any GM dealer or lock smith should be able to cut a key for it. You are SOL on the door and trunk locks as they didn't stamp the codes on them. The auto parts stores sell complete lock kits. Take your old locks with you to match them up as those kits are universal and GM used two different types of locks on all of the models built in the 80's. These kits will not work on your car if it has the UA6 anti-theft option. Those are still available from GM although you will need to have a locksmith assemble and code them for you.

What is with some of you boneheads recommending that you mutilate the car by breaking something on it? :confused: I bet you wouldn't be saying that if your rides weren't POS's would you? :mad:
Theres a guy selling new lock sets on ebay. $35 for the trunk and doors. Cheaper than a lock smith. You can get the ignition key out if you take the steering whee and a couple other pieces. Its not that difficult.
I had a copy of the original dealer invoice researched and on it was a spot for the key codes. The copy they mailed me had them whited out but once it was scratched off they can be read. It will cost $ 50 to get this information and probaly if you requested the codes specifically they may not white them out at all. It will take about 1 -2 weeks to get the info, by then you will have probaly found your keys.http://corvetteactioncenter.com/infosearch/index.php?cmd=area