what is better? on center or off center?


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May 26, 2001
what are the advantages of the off or on center motors? i would figure off center would be better for us as the stock motors are off center? i am also confused as to why you would prefer stage 2 to a stage 1 block. it would seem that stage 1 is a more attractive block as it interchanges with most stock parts and is then much cheaper to build. i know it would ultimately have less strenght than a 4 bolt or 6 bolt stge 2. my second question is what race series ran these motors ? (i know about bgn and bgn north, asa) but what else?:confused:

On center is better for rod bearings at the least. In an off center they get some pretty heavily concentrated loads towards the outer edge in the power stroke region. Even with good steel rods. Examining the bearings after hard running readily shows this. So that leads to number two. S1 is nice for the reason you pointed out, but that also means they are off center engines too :)
The StageII motors were also used in Indycars,they could not spin the rpms like cosworth or honda but were allowed to run more boost to make up the difference.they made around 750HP.
I was thinking of going stage 1 because of the interchangeable parts, but then thought ...what parts from a production block would i want to put in a stage motor, and the answer was none.:)

I did alotta of detective work and found a complete Busch motor for $2800, and was able to use the heads, block, rods, and crank.