What RPM's did the Bush engines have?

The Swede

-89 TTA 7 sec car
Hi all!

There's a guy here in Sweden that really wanna know what rpm's the StageII engine had in the Bush serie, any one out there knows the approx. rpm?

My guess was 8000, am i close?

Thanks all!
The Buick Motorsports book says that with proper valvetrain components, the practical limit for engines with titanium valves is 8500 RPM and 7500 RPM with steel valves.
Indy Lites Western Div. (some of em')

Upwards of 9K plus for a few of these guys. This is using the latest T&D roller equipment w/PSI springs and Isky Rev Kits w/ 3/8" PRs and with an increased sense of doom.
With current parts available the N/A Stage II's are well over 9000. Mine is shifted at 8800 and thru the lights at 9400. Proper maintainence, clearences and oil control are critical to engine life. These small displacement non turbo motors need RPM to go fast.
A friend of mine has a Duttweiler Single Thumper Stage 2 coming out to play later this year. Kenny has told him to shift at 8400RPM.