What Turbo to buy?


Jan 2, 2010
My 6262 went bad.
Need a new Turbo.
Car is running a PTC 2800 stall non-lock up converter, 60 lbs injectors, a 212/206 cam on a Weber stroker engine.
Should I replace the 6262 CEA BB?
Can I go up in to a larger Turbo without changing much?
Did you buy that one new? I would protect a new turbo with a new stock feed line or PTE turbo saver. The 6262 CEA is an awesome unit. Precision if its fixable.
Bought it new. Engine went bad spun a bearing and threw a rod. Installed new oil lines and cleaned the Turbo. Precision says it not under warranty due to engine failure and metal found in the Turbo. Cost to fix $1550, cost of new Turbo $1599.

Turbo saver and new oil lines are a good investment knowing what I know now.
No the car has a 7.5 quart oil pan.

Should I go to a 6265 or 6266 journal bearing.

What is the biggest Turbo to run with 60 lbs injectors.
How much boost did you run on that one? I can't tell you a 6266jb at 25psi will be better than a 6262cea at 25psi because it won't. It will spool slower, and I would use a converter 200 rpm looser if you did go to a 6266jb. All those changes and labor could be equaled or better by adding boost and tuning.
Not much boost at all approx 22 lbs as engine wasnt strong. Since the engine blew up. will run at least 25 lbs. on new engine.
The 6466bb sounds like a nice unit for a stroker. The 6262 or the 6266 are fine also. How did you like the spool up of the 6262dbb? Was it too fast, just right, or a tad slower than you wanted? Was the 6262 on the stroker or a 231ci motor?
the 6262 was on a 231. the engine blew before i could really test it out. New engine - turbo went before getting it tuned
Really did not get enough time to evaluate it. The PTC non lock up converter was tight. Could not hold much boost at the line. The car rolled at 2700 rpm's
Lmao! A 6266 if you go journal and a 6466 if you go ball bearing. Is your PTC a 17,18,or 19 blade?
its a 9.5 non lock up Dusty specified for my old combo.
What were the numbers on the outside of the box? It will give an idea of what it may stall at as others here with strokers small turbos and PTC converters may chime in. The last car I put a PTC in was a 19 blade. Stock stroke 6262 turbo. It works great!
The PTE 64/66 Ball Bearing is a very nice Turbo and spools very good for the street, also will provide good power.. kinda pricy but i think it was worth it.