what will it do?


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Ok so I'm finally going to go to the track 1/4 mile. My car is all stock except for a custom intake and a hollow cat. 87 gn. 52xxx mile. Jus curious what it should do. Also never been to the track so looks like I'm gonna pop my track cherry today.
What do...

you mean by custom intake, maf pipe perhaps? (i.e. big mouth, shorty,etc.)
13.8's@95-98 mph:confused:
Do you at least have a knock gage to moniter the same?
Yea big mouth intake. Some really nice sticky tires. She runs awsome. Oh yea and an adjustable wastegate. Boost guage. No knock guage that's the next purchase. 13.8 not bad was trying to squeeze 13.5 outta her.
13.8-14.4 somewhere, depending on temerature and 60 foot time. Do not raise boost without atleast having a scan tool and adjustable fuel pressure regulator.
Hopefully....it will go forward real fast then stop. I'm a big believer in the "stop" part more so than the fast forward.
Just curious, what was your 60'? I also just gutted my cat and am about to put on a tomka intake so very curious as to the details of your run?Thanks,

Best time of the night was 14.151 at 95.31 with a very sad 2.135 60' time. Car would not boost over 13lbs. Pretty sure I got a bad wastegate. Time to get a new one. Best 60' time of the night was 2.086.
Love showing this article so that people could see the potential a semi-stock buick can do!

Showdown! Old And New Musclecars Duke It Out - Popular Mechanics

That article was a bunch of bull$hit! The et's and mph posted for some of those cars was total BS! The Viper never ran 11.88 or whatever BS they posted either. It actually broke that day! The GS ran at least 2 tenths faster than what they printed in the mag but they said it was too late in the day and it didnt count! The Chevelle was at least .5 seconds slower than they posted and the Trans am never went over 99 mph! Yet they posted 104mph! They also commented that the TR was using higher octane fuel. The article was biased and it was clear they didnt like our Buicks because they were kicking the $hit out of the other cars there to their disbelief. So they printed a bunch of their wet dreams. Probably the owners of the cars wet dreams too. Man i wish i had one of my cars there for that BS. Maybe if they ever do it again we can get a TSS car over there to beat up on them once again. That article heats me up every time i hear it mentioned. Its been 10 years now and it still pisses me off really bad. Popular Mechanics editors can eat my turd! Sorry if im out of line mods but i hate that article more than any other one written about cars and their performance.
Im sorry it was the GTO that they claimed ran 104mph not the Trans am. It never went over 99mph. They suck!