Whats the benifit of a billet wheel vs cast?

Look closely you'll see the aftermarket billet wheels have longer blade lengths due to smaller root diameters. Only the aftermarket would do that an OEM almost never would due to fatigue and burst requirements.
Yea thanks so a waste of money paying extra for billet wheel if shaped the same
Pretty much. OEM castings are developed for long life in turbos that have to work for a living, heavy duty diesels. Where thousands and thousands will be manufactured so some tooling expenditure is well justified.

The aftermarket stuff is light duty. That's fine for a race car or a street car, so they get away with generallyweaker designs (small root diameters) that have higher performance (lighter weight, more mass flow). Plus they would rather not spend $$ on casting tooling when they can just make it from a billet for low volume runs.

If one of these light duty billet wheels found it's way into a heavy duty application like an on-highway diesel, it would fall apart in short order.

For your Buick race car or street car, a cast 67 compressor will support ~750HP. A billet 67 CEA will support ~930HP and spool up fast too. And it'll probably never break because it just never gets enough cycles or enough heat put into it. So it is a good thing.
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strength,shape,weight to name a few.these billet wheels take a pounding and produce big power.