wheels up front- b.s. and size?


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Nov 24, 2001
im going to order some centerline telstar wheels for the front of my car. what size- 15x7 or 15x8??
and what back spacing??
15x7's come in 3.5, 4 and 4.5
15x8's come in 4 4.5 and 5

what works best? ive never ordered wheels

im running 7" rims with a 4" backspacing for two reasons-1. stock gn rim size and 2.-if you go to global west spindles later for a brake upgrade they push out the rims 1/2" so that would still be a 3.5" backspacing on a 7" rim which is still in stock specs---the 8" rims in the front are too wide imo especially if you may lower car later-matt
im not going to do the global west upgrade, but was wondering if i used 4 inch back space, would it tuck the tire too far inward??
The Convo Pro's on the front of my car are 15x7 and have 3 3/8" backspace. The tires are stock size 215/65's. On mine, I think more backspace would look too "tucked under". Now if you had a 15x8 rim and 235/60's, then you could get away with a 4 inch b.s. and still look "filled out".

Quick 6,

I have centerlines auto drag 15x8 up front and before the big brake upgrade they were split 4/4. 4 inches of backspacing, with a 265/50 and the thing looks mean. No problems with the stock ride height, and no inner rubbing on the frame on hard turns.

Then ordered 1 inch lowering springs from pst, got the car back, and it was now 2 inches lower. They sure know how to add there at pst, this was not the only spring height screw up I have heard from them. So the game changed.

If you keep the stock ride height or even 1 inch lower the 265 will be fine at 4/4, even after the 2 inch drop, I just had the tires alittle more castered in. But eventually I had the wheel well cut and now all is good. $300 later.

I guess the moral is, 4 inch bs on a 15x8 will work even with the 265/50, just make sure you do not order lowering springs from pst, your car will look like a snow plow and end up costing you tons more to correct.

I could not go to a smaller size up front, they look way to cool that huge.