Where are they? GNX #537 and #459


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Dec 13, 2010
I purchased new GNX #537 and my brother also purchased new GNX#459. Both were purchased in Minneapolis from two different dealers (Stephens and Whitaker) and eventually sold but I have an interest in buying at least one of them back. After all, I still have the books, Jackets and t shirt for the cars. Why not add back the car. Any info is appreciated.

didn't you give the jacket and books to the buyer?
or , why did you keep them?

that would be a deal breaker for me!
I didn't give the jackets or books for either GNX. Seems like the buyers weren't interested or knew they were even to go with the car. It wasn't trying to be cute, it's just that back in the late 80's, it wasn't a big deal. Now it seems to be.