Where fc227 (Fred) as been the last 1.5 years


1986 Grand National
May 28, 2001
Greetings all,

I would like to explain where I have been the last 1.5 years.

Some of you may know I am no longer with Moroso Performance. I was laid off, July (2011), 6 months unemployed. This lay off also soured me a bit on the racing because while I understood Moroso position (business being real slow). I was the one out of work. And this is Nothing against Rick Moroso him self, He is a great guy and we still talk and he as helped me out several times, more than I can count. This is about the economy. When people are out of work they do not buy parts or race because they do not have the funds to. It is a cycle.

I am a Electronic tech, I got a Job (1-9-12) at Honeywell in Northford, CT (I use to work @ the same building 34 years ago when it was Picker as a Electronic tech fresh out of Connecticut school of electronics). I trouble shoot PC board(s) to component level all day long. Which I have a God given gift for. But I am making 2/3 of what I was making @ Moroso.

So no racing last year and a half. I have found a new hobby RC airplanes and the flying field is right behind Honeywell, So during the summer that is very nice, less than a ¼ mile drive to the field from work.

If the $$$ are there next year, Good lord willing I will be back at the 100’ drags At Waterford on Friday nights.

Still drive the GN to work from time to time. Yesterday the Power master pump was leaking bad, So…
Glad to have you back pilgrim! Sorry to hear about your "fallen on hard times" as the saying used to be stated. But take courage my friend, for we were raised by a generation that believed in "hope" for a better future. That tomorrow was going to bring about another opportunity for better. If you fall down, you pick yourself of by your bootstraps and keep going. We were taught to be responseable for our actions. Honor our parents,the elderly and our leaders, which were bound to "virtuous actions" by words like Honor, Noble, Truth, Faith, Sacrifice and putting others first. The words and meanings of which have all but disappered from our present day society and long desappeared from our "Elitest leaders".(I correct myself, except the word sacrifice, they know how to ask us to make the sacrifice but are incapable themselves.)
You and others like us will make it thru this, unlike the younger generations that were raised by "fear of the future", i.e. nuclear war, world starvation from over population, ozone disappearing, global warming.etc. They respond w/killing the innocent and committing suicide to escape punishment. After all they are taught there is no after-life and no day of reconning.(judgement day) When they die, "they are not".(No longer exist.) So they make the ultimate sacrifice at the alter of the secularist.
I hope to be encouraging you, as well as myself and others to continue to set good examples of strength and courage to keep on keeping on. Believing in a hope in what made America great in the eyes of the world. Our founding fathers had their faith in the God of the judao/christian ethics found in the bible. That is until the 1960's when the "great falling away" to our peril. We, as a nation have been dieing ever since. I picked up a bible and began reading it soon after the un-war(you heard of the un-cola?) came to an end and learned about the things the founding fathers were promoting in the constitution and it gives me hope for a better future for my children and grand-children.
Have a "Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year!"