Which pump to use for 100% methanol????

Allen Vos

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May 20, 2007
Which would be a good pump to get that would stand up to 100% methanol???

I was running a shurflow 8030 pump that was purchased from devils own alchol injection.

This pump has EPDM/ Nylon valves and a Santoprene Diaphpram, and runs
at 150 PSI pressure

It is reccomended that only a 50/50 mixture of methonal and water be used with this pump.

I run 100% methanol and all was working good until the pump quit working and I blew my head gaskets over it.

I am thinking it was the 100% methanol that screwed the pump.

When I jumped the relay to turn the pump on manually I could
here the pump running , but it wasnt building any pressure at all

I run aftermarket engine managment and I know I need to figure out some sort of failsafe mode so that this does not happen again.

The car is mainly a street car and only gets driven once or twice a week.

So 100% methanol gets to sit in the pump at all times.

The customer service at Devils own is Lousy and I will not be dealing with them any more

There is a pump availiable from alkycontrol that is based on the shurflo 8009
pump. This pump is meant for use with a progressive controller.

Will it work without the progressive controller???

I just use my engine managment to turn it on at 10 psi and 3500 rpm and
it works very well.

Will this pump work with 100% methanol?????

What pump is everyone here using with 100% methanol????


Allen Vos
i have a car with a DO's kit and been running 100% meth for 2 years with no problems with the out shurflo pump..

i also have 2 other cars
one with Alkycontrol and SMC, and been running 100% meth in both of those for several years as well..
I have a 5 or 6 year old SMC pump running 100% methanol with a splash of synthetic lube for the pump. So far so good for the last couple years.
I just want to say that I talked to Chance at Devils Own and we got every thing

sorted out. He has just been busy and told me that the best time to get a hold of him is in the later evenings.

Chance gave me some good information on METHONAL injection and told me He would look after me for warranty if it was neccesary.

Chance told me it was either air in the pump or the diapram was ripped.

I had a one way check valve installed at the injection nozzle just outside
the intercooler. It was a 22 PSI cracking pressure.

I exchanged this for one with 5 PSI cracking pressure and the pump seems to

work with alot less effort.

I Installed a pressure switch between by pump and nozzle, this pressure switch goes into my engine managment and when the switch is closed(meth on) it changes to a different fuel and spark map, with more aggressive timing
and less fuel.

This way I shouldnt blow any more head gaskets

Any ways after all this I ended up spliting my block , loosing oil pressure and kicking a connecting rod through the oil pan.

So I am officially done racing for the season.